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Marketing in a startup is….a lot. And even if you’re a seasoned marketer, pivoting to a startup brings new challenges and dynamics:

  • balancing brand vs. performance

  • wearing all of the hats

  • navigating team relationships, and so much more!

There are dozens if not hundreds of newsletters and resources about marketing. But very few discuss the challenges of startup marketers and offer real world solutions.

That’s Catch All in a nutshell.

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Every other week, I will explore a different topic - sometimes a marketing discipline such as branding, sometimes a specific scenario like “balancing marketing channels as a small team”. And I’ll be contextualizing all of these topics, tips, and scenarios to a startup environment. After all, building a brand, developing a channel strategy, or collaborating with sales can be very different for a startup than a Fortune 500 company.

While I do edit these, a lot of it is stream of consciousness.

I have no logical structure to the order of this content so you can jump in at any time and check the archive if you missed something.

Why me?

My professional experience got me to love startups and all the messiness it comes with.

  • I’ve built a scalable marketing function from the ground up, starting as a team of 1, growing the team and contributing to 10x revenue growth in less than 3 years.

  • Since 2016, I’ve had a freelance marketing business, primarily targeting Seed to Series A startups looking to activate on marketing yesterday while building scalable systems.

  • I’ve also worked for large and medium-size companies and have experienced what enterprise marketing can become (for better or for worse).

I’m also a passionate entrepreneur who just loves this stuff. The mess, the failures, the wins are all part of the fun and I really empathize with startup founders.

I hope this was enough to convince you to subscribe. It’s been a ton of fun writing this newsletter so far and there’s so much more to talk about!

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